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1/16 Scale 2.4GHz R/C Russian T-90 MBT BB Tank (Sound & Smoking Version)

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Russian T-90 MBT
  • New 2.4GHz controller with: separate up/down gun barrel control, safe shooting feature & remote sound and smoke controls
  • New improve high resolution sound system
  • New switchable Tiger 1 & Leopard 2 sounds
  • Metal sprockets, idlers & metal tracks (metal pro edition)
  • Metal low profile 3:1 gearboxes (metal pro & Ultimate edition)
  • Metal roadwheels with rubber rims & metal suspension arms (ultimate edition)
  • Ball bearings on sprockets, idlers & all roadwheels (ultimate edition)
  • Metal gun barrel
  • Opening turret hatches
  • New compact 7.4V 1800mah Li-ion Battery
  • New faster 850ma charger
  • Full set of stickers & accessories
  • L: 650mm W: 235mm H: 180mm
  • Instructions in English
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Photos used for illustration only.
We reserve the right to change the specification from time to time. Please email us if in doubt.

Because of the power of the BB gun, they can cause pain and bruising if exposed skin is struck at close range and severe eye injury if they strike someone in the eye. These items are therefore not recommended or children under 18 years of age without parental supervision. They are sold only to adults 18 years and over. Wearing of eye protection goggle is also highly recommended.

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Our products represent subjects from a specific period in history. Some products contain details, equipment, uniform and or vehicle that include insignia or marking that some may find offensive. It is not our intension to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war.

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