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1/8 Scale Tank Upgrade Parts & Accessories

1/8 Scale M2 Bradley Wheels and Tracks Set
Click to see larger image
Click to see larger image

1/8 Scale M2 Bradley AFV Wheels & Tracks Set

Comprising a full set of metal wheels and tracks for experienced model tank builders to scratch-built the M2, M3, MLRS, MARS or the AAVP7. It is suitable for the M2 Bradley from 21st Century Toys after some work done on the model. The 21st Century M2 Bradley is advertised as 1/6 scale but is actually closer to 1/8 scale!

Price: £599.99
1/8 Scale Tank Machine Guns
Click to see larger image
Modern 1:8 Scale FN 7.62mm GPMG

Supplied as shown

Price: £29.99
Click to see larger image
US 1:8 Scale M2 0.5" Heavy Machine Gun

Supplied as shown

Price: £29.99

Click to see larger image
German 1:8 Scale World War II MG34
Machine Gun
Supplied as shown

Price: £29.99

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Our products represent subjects from a specific period in history. Some products contain details, equipment, uniform and or vehicle that include insignia or marking that some may find offensive. It is not our intension to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war.

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