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Clark TK22 Series RC Tank Controller & Other Electronic Accessories
Tankzone is UK Official Distributor & Reseller for Clark-Model Products

Please note that due to the pandemic, we are experiencing severe supply and delivery issues with Clark boards at the moment. Please do not order if your order is time sensitive or you don't want to wait. Check with us fist for availability. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Clark TK22 Series RC Controller for Heng Long & Compatible 1/16 RC Tanks
Main Features:
The TK22 series controller is our base entry controller and uses 4-CH conventional PWM RC system to control R/C tank's forward/backward movement, sharp turning, pivoting, turret rotation and gun barrel evaluation at variable speed. Sound file is preoloaded prior to shipping and cannot be changed. 5 channel 8 bit high uality sound with 3 watt output. Smoke driver is V1 and non-proportional. Some functions can be personalised using IR configuration remote (available separately). modification to tank wiring required. More details on www.clark-model.com.

4 receiver cables supplied with each control board.

Product Code Sound File Price
TK22_T1 Tiger 1 £89.95


King Tiger £89.95
TK22_JT Jagdtiger £89.95
TK22_PAN Panther £89.95


Jagdpanther £89.95


Panzer III £89.95


Panzer IV £89.95


StuG £89.95


STuG 42 £89.95
TK22_ST Sturmtiger £89.95
TK22_HUMMEL Hummel SPG £89.95
TK22_Hetzer Hetzer £89.95
TK22_38(t) Panzer 38(t) £89.95

TK22_M4 M4 Sherman Tank £89.95


M41A3 Bulldog £89.95
TK22_M26 M26 Pershing £89.95


T34 Tank £89.95


KV Tank £89.95


T-55 MBT £89.95


T-55A (Hooben Version) £99.95

TK22_M1 M1 Abrams MBT £94.95


Leopard 2 MBT £94.95


Leopard 1 MBT £94.95


Gepard Flakpanzer £94.95

Optional Extras


IR Configuration Remote with IR leads for TK controller £24.95

Please note this is NOT a 100% plug and play board, some simple change is needed for full options.
(specifications and design are subject to change without notice)

Please refer to www.clark-model.com for instructions and tutorials

Clickhere for larger image

Connection to Heng Long standard components is plug-and-play with additional support for two servos for more realistic gun recoil and elevation functions.

Clickhere for larger image
TK22/40 Schematic

Minor wiring modification required for BB Gun Unit & Taigen/Torro/Asistam Recoil Units. Full instructions on www.clark-model.com

Clickhere for larger image

A standard 4 (or more) channel transmitter & receiver is needed
(sold separately)

Clickhere for larger image

Sony TV IR remote style programmer for configuring some TK22 tank features.
(sold separately)

Email us if you need more information.
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