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Specifications - German World War II Panther Tank

Country of originGermany
Armament:One 75mm KwK42 L/70 main gun, one 7.92 MG34 machine-gun co-axial with the main gun, one 7.92 MG34 machine-gun in hull front, one 7.92 MG34 anti-aircraft machine-gun on turret roof.
Armour:Minimum: 0.6in (20mm), Maximum: 4.72in (120mm).
Performance:Road speed: 29mph (46km/h), Cross-country: 15mph (24km/h), Range: 110 miles (177km), Vertical obstacle: 3ft (0.9m), Trench: 6ft 3in (1.9m), Fording depth: 4ft 7in (1.4m), Gradient: 35 degrees.
Powerplant:Maybach HL230 P30 V12 water-cooled inline petrol engine developing 700bhp at 3,000rpm.
Dimension:Length: 22ft 6in (6.68m), Width: 10ft 10in (3.3m), Height: 9ft 8in (2.95m).
Combat Weight:98,766lb (44,800kg), 12.5lb/in2 (0.88kg/cm2).
Brief HistoryIn service with the German Army from 1943 to 1945. The Panther was designed as a direct reaction to the appearance of the Soviet T34 tank in 1941 and share many design features such as the well sloped armour and low turret. It was committed to action prematurely during the Battle of Kursk and initially proved to be very unreliable. Once these problems were overcome the Panther became the equal of the T34 and many consider it to be the best tank to come out of World War II. By the end of the war, an estimated 6800 Panthers had been built. Many were used by the Soviet and France after the war.

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