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Building Tamiya's 1:16 R/C Full Option King Tiger Tank

A Step By Step Photo Guide

Click on image to enlarge.

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Comes in Tamiya's usual high quality packaging and carry case. Worth keeping in its own right.
Good thorough preparation will pay dividends in the long run. As per usual practice, I empty all the essential larger parts into a plastic see through box with lid. The smaller parts into another case with multiple compartments of different sizes also with ahinged lid. Most of the tools I need are within easy reach in a clear plastic toolbox. These can be put away safely in between modelling sessions.

Battery and radio equipment needs to be purchased separately.

A close view of the twin gearbox and motor assemblies.

A close up of the left metal sprocket drive wheel.

Another close up of the twin gearbox and motor assemblies.

View of the torsion bar suspension system from the rear.

A close up of the rear wheel track tension adjustment system.

View of the track tension adjustment assembly on the other side.

A close up of the link between the running wheel arms and the horizontal torsion bars.

A close up of the twin motors from the rear of the tank.

The metal main gun on its manlet with the recoil system behind.

View of the recoil system from the side.

A close up of the main gun recoil system.

The assembly for raising and lowering the main gun.

A view of the underside of the turret showing recoil and gun elevation systems.

The electronics are fitted inside the main hull.

You can see the turret rotation gears and motor on the side of the turret opening.

A close up of the rear metal return wheel.

A row of metal suspension arms for the main running wheels.

A view from under the tank showing metal chasis and sprocket wheel.

The King Tiger ready for its trial run with Battle System fitted!

Coming Soon - See how we apply the finishing touches to this King Tiger tank.

We don't just sell you the kit, we can build them for you as well!

Want one of these fantastic tanks? Don't have the time? Want one as a special present for a loved one? We can supply the model kit, build it to a high standard and deliver it to you in a ready to run condition. This page will give you some idea how we go about this. Email us for more details.

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