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Torro 1/16 RC LCM3 Landing Craft
& New RTR RC Pro Metal Edition BB & IR Tanks

Coming Soon!
New Range of High Quality All Metal 1/6 Tank starting from £3999 (RTR RC from £4699)

Email us for more information!

Something More Manageable? - Heng Long Premium's 1/8th RTR All Metal RC Tank


Available Now! - Click on image or here for more information

Mato's New 100% All Metal RTR RC M10 & M36 Tank Destroyer with Clark TK22 Controller

New Tiger 1 Torsion Bar Suspension & Rear Opening Hatches
Exclusive to Tankzone - New Version with Smoke Unit and Volume Control

Also Painted Models - Available to order now - FREE TK22 IR Programmer for a limited time

Torro 1/16 High Specification 90% Metal Pro Edition RTR with Wooden Ammo-Style Crate

1/16 RC Panther G and Panther F
Metal Pro Edition

1/16 RC Panzer IV Metal Edition with
New V2 Controller & Improved Sounds

1/16 RC M4A3 75mm and 76mm
Metal Pro Edition

1/16 RC M16 Multiple Gun Carriage
US Halftrack with Working Features

Limited Stock - Click on image or click here to order
now !
Heng Long & Taigen 1/16 BB & IR Infrared RC Tanks - Modern MBTs, Metal Chassis Edition & Custom Finish

Available to Order Now - UK Delivery from Stock

1/16 RC-Ready Kits - Easy-Build Kits - Tiger 1 BB or IR Complete Kit

Click here for more information
Click here for more information

Tamiya 1/16 Full Option Kits - Click here to order!

Latest Panzer Depot & Waffen144 1/144 Scale Releases - Just Arrived!

Just Arrived !

Torro 1/16 Metal Pro Edition
New Models & Restock!

FOV 1/700 Diecast Battleships & Aircraft Carriers - New Tooling!

Full Range of Clark TK RC Tank Controller Available including new TK60

Torro Unpainted RTR RC Tanks
Torro M16 Halftrack Back in Stock

Torro Russian WW2 Heavy Tank

Featured Products

New Range of 1/16 Tank Figure Kits

All New FOV 1/24 RC Infrared
Battle Tanks from Waltersons

1/16 Metal Upgrade Part from Taigen for Panther & Leopard 2A6

New Puma Armoured Car RC-Ready Kit from Metal Origin Design

Restock !

1/16 R/C Modern MBTs
f rom Heng Long

Mato 1/16 100% Metal M36B1
Jackson Tank Destroyer

New ALuminium Carry Case with
Mato All Metal 1/16 R/C Tanks

Torro Mid-Prodution Tiger 1 with 360 Turret & Recoiling BB Gun Barrel

Torro 1/16 Pre-painted US,
Tiger Crew & Ardenne Figures

1/16 Metal Tiger 1 BB or IR
Complete Kit
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Our products represent subjects from a specific period in history. Some products contain details, equipment, uniform and or vehicle that include insignia or marking that some may find offensive. It is not our intension to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war.

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